Your mailing list solution

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Get your free mailing list set up in 3 easy steps.

  1. Set up a free account.
  2. Import your existing mailing list or create a subscribe form to embed on your website.
  3. Create an email template and schedule it to be sent when you want.

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Your website solution

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WordPress offers free websites. You can have a very simple website created in minutes. Just create an account, pick a theme,
add your pages, and share your new website with the community.

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Your starter tools

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Google offers a wide array of tools that can be useful for communicating information.

  • Gmail: an email solution
  • Calendar: create and embed your own calendar
  • Docs: share all your documents in one place
  • Forms: create and embed your own forms

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Your references

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Useful Links

Below are some useful links to find information

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